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FUNCTIONAL is a workout for all muscle groups with body weight and equipment, combining cardio and strength training using natural movements. Suitable for any level of physical fitness.


FLEX is a stretch of the whole body, with an emphasis on the back and, as a bonus, a beautiful split, royal posture and self-confidence. With warm-ups and proper exercise technique, you can develop your flexibility safely.


TRX is a functional workout using suspension loops, where absolutely all the muscles of the body work. The intensity is selected individually. The workouts are safe for the spine and are suitable for any fitness level.


BARRE is a type of fitness training that combines elements of ballet, yoga and Pilates. Most of the elements in Barre are based on ballet exercises, so classes are held in ballet rooms. Such training will help develop the flexibility and mobility of the body, straighten your posture, and become more graceful.


MFR + PILATES is a workout that helps improve body flexibility, relax muscles and fascia. As a result, not only excessive tension is removed, but also flexibility and mobility in the joints increase. During classes, special equipment for Pilates and MFR (lymphatic drainage balls, rolls) is used.


AIR FLEX — combines elements of classical stretching, aerial gymnastics and acrobatics. The lesson powerfully trains the vestibular apparatus and is very useful for relaxing the spine.
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